Nobody wants a push-button orgasm


Certainly there could be no unforeseen downside to that!


Yeah, the Tasp was the first place my brain went when I read this. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, they could always try to use the technology in schools…

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We men already have a pushbutton orgasm. It’s the women who are confusing.


There’s a French an Italian erotic (read: pornographic) graphic novel by Manara called Le Déclic, all about a similar concept. A woman has device implanted in her brain that can be controlled remotely, which when activated stimulates her libido. It goes to eleven.

As long as I don’t need to be partly consumed by flesh eating plants first…


Is this up on Kickstarter or what?


Sez you.


It’s the journey, not the destination.


I’m wondering if it would balance out, the time saved being able to have one instantly instead of it taking a while to do it the old-fashioned way, versus the loss of productivity from sitting around pushing the button because it’s so easy.


I would sign up in a heartbeat. I’m trans, and while my surgery was good and my surgeon great, my body healed in strange ways, and has lead to me being almost unable to orgasm. So it would be a HUGE upgrade from ‘unable’ to ‘at the push of a button’.


I’d describe men as having a pull-cord rather than a button.

And like a lawnmower, takes quite a few pulls to start.


This myth needs to die a quick and painful death.

I’ve done it. I’m not proud of that. And there are times I’ve ejaculated, and I’ve done everything I can to make it seem like I enjoyed it more than I really did. Sometimes I’ve faked myself out into thinking I really had one. It’s possible to ejaculate and not have that moment. Or not to have much of a sensation other than, “Okay, that felt nice,” and then sell it as being a mindblowing event.

I’m guessing a lot of guys have just never had a genuinely mindblowing one, so they just don’t know. Or something.

As far as a pushbutton orgasm goes…I dunno, getting things implanted in your spine seems a little more extreme than
a Magic Wand.

(y’know, I probably shouldn’t post this under my real name, but what the hay.)


It’s actually Italian.

I won’t say whether or not I had a copy as a kid, in Italy.


For ladies, I could see this managing to happily incorporate both. There’s a lot of times that my husband and I start the journey together, but he arrives at the destination long before I arrive or my trip is abruptly canceled because he’s already arrived ahead of me.

This could make it so that when his plane is putting down the landing gear, I can hit the button and we can glide onto the tarmac together instead of him having already headed off to the baggage claim while I’m still strapped in the seat circling the runway.


Corrected! I may or may not have read a copy in French that my dad may or may not have had, when I may or may not have been a kid too. I may or may not have enjoyed it.

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Perhaps you need some guidance to find their button?

The classic: