Giant green butt plug looks suspiciously like a christmas tree




How do you say “Christ, what an asshole” in French?


I’m sure the town council meeting minutes on the day this was approved are an interesting read.


Reminds of me of Chelsea Waterside Park in Manhattan:


Safety first, mes amis.


So tired of “artists” making large size anything and call them art. Hofman’s Rubber Duck was the tipping point.


Yeah, the hot new trend is making smaller versions of things and calling it science.


Is it still a “sex toy” if it can’t be used as such? If the artist didn’t want people to think it was a Christmas tree he should have made it another color.


Someone somewhere just said “challenge accepted”.


Someone paid for that? With real money?



Place VendĂ´me is one of the poshest places in Paris. The Ritz Hotel and lots of the high-end jewelry shops are there, so a butt plug seems perfectly appropriate. The FIAC is the emanation of the French Ministry of Culture that funds this sort of stuff (using taxpayer euros).

Vive la Culture !


That bottle of lube needs to be at least 3 stories tall to be effective.


More shots fired in the War on Christmas.


Indeed. Soon your bloodstream will be teeming with microscopic rubber ducks.


Secular states celebrating (some) religious holidays is always a shaky justification.

For some perspective, I have had some real static from people for returning wishes of “Merry Christmas” with “sure thing, same to you”. This tipped people off that perhaps I did not celebrate it myself, and people confronted me about this, suggesting that I was ruining their Christmas with my selfish heathen behavior. And this has happened to me more than once.

Which relates to a whole other problem of state and work holidays being fixed for a certain popular religion or two. If I am entitled to religious holidays, what good does it do me to take time off for somebody else’s? And this is in the US, where there are laws protecting religion and we are supposedly “multicultural”. This kind of thing is absolutely not supposed to be a popularity contest.


There’s no time!


Seriously. Paul McCarthy was great in the Beatles, but he should just stick to writing songs and playing the bass. :stuck_out_tongue:


Avec un chose grande vert.


Would putting lights and ornaments on that thing make it more or less kinky?