Watch how a couple makes a Christmas tree with a tire, a plastic bucket, and a PVC pipe


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Totally fire retardant.


I’ve got 4 old tires if anybody wants one.




Very awesome tree, especially with the lights, but a hell of a lot of work.


It seems like someone took a look at Ivanka Trump’s Trash Clam centerpiece and said, “Here, hold my beer.”


I kinda cringed at the PVC sawdust produced - I hope they used a shop vac to clean that up, would hate to think it wound up blowing into a nearby river or storm drain.


Goddamn makers, always embarrassing me in front of my family.


I don’t really know how to make anything, and I wish I did.

But that thing is ugly.


The ugly part is there are no heirloom ornaments. No cute little hand outlines, no felt Santas. Just tasteful store-bought ornaments all in matching white and gold. And a white and gold tire, for the hipsters.



I think your first and second sentences may be connected by a causal relationship: that xmas tree is gorgeous! Look at the way the blinking lights play of the curves. :slight_smile: I think if you work on seeing the amazingness in unexpected things (like this tree), you will find inspiration in the making things department.


Trashy, yet elegant.


Will they re-use it next year or does it wind up in the landfill?


Sell it as sculpture. You could easily get anywhere from $500 to $10K or more, depending on the gullib-…cough TASTE, yes, taste of the buyer, yes, that’s it.


A for effort?


I’m pretty sure that’s blue and black


Oh, we would dream of having a christmas tree made of a tyre, a plastic bucket and a pvc pipe!
All we could manage was half a broom handle with a few scraps of green electrical tape on it - and we had to take turns being the holder.


Oh I only wish I could have taken a turn holding the broom handle. We were too busy working every day through Christmas at our five jobs.

Something something gravel for breakfast.


I was thinking the same thing!