Funny reviews pile up for Donald Trump's dreadful $150 christmas tree ornament


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Classy. Can’t wait to see hundreds of the life sized version on the White House Holiday Tree.

Maybe with some sparklie gold pasties - they look great in the wind.


Even the replies to the reviews are hilarious!


You’d have to be really into Turmp to not have even a single friend or relative who would “accidentally” smash this Hell-tchotchke on sight


My two fav ornaments- my blown glass Saturn & original Shuttlecraft where you press the button and Mr Spock says Happy Holidays. I have to string them over the counter since I got moms LED tree.


I suspect a lot of Trump proxies buying it to drive it up on the bestseller lists. He’s dumb enough to think buying his own stuff off of Amazon will cost him nothing.


Where is the money going?
Can a president capitalize on his position?


He must’ve been planning this for at least a couple months, you can’t just rush-release an item to the market.

Unless of course he found a manufacturer in China on Alibaba who could just paste his slogan on their ready-made cap-ornaments.

I have no doubt that he will use the Office of The President to benefit his own companies. That is what the entire goal of his life has been since he was in his 20’s. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks.


He’ll make Grant look like a piker. Yuge corruption- the very best gold plated corruption!

Scandal summary table Edit

Scandal Description Date
Black Friday Speculators tied to Grant corner the gold market and ruin the economy for several years.
New York custom house ring Alleged corruption ring at the New York Custom House under two of Grant’s appointees.
Star Route postal ring Corrupt system of postal contractors, clerks, and brokers to obtain lucrative Star Route postal contracts.
Salary grab Congressmen receive a retroactive $5,000 bonus for previous term served.
Breach of Treaty of Fort Laramie (1868) Organized a White House cabal to plan a war against the Lakotas to allow mining of gold found in Black Hills. 1874
Sanborn contract John Sanborn charged exorbitant commissions to collect taxes and split the profits among associates.
Delano Affair Interior Secretary Columbus Delano allegedly took bribes in exchange for fraudulent land grants.
Pratt & Boyd Attorney General George H. Williams allegedly received a bribe not to prosecute the Pratt & Boyd company.
Whiskey Ring Corrupt government officials and whiskey makers steal millions of dollars in national tax evasion scam.
Trading Post Ring War Secretary William Belknap allegedly takes extortion money from trading contractor at Fort Sill.
Cattelism Secretary of Navy George Robeson allegedly receives bribes from Cattell & Company for lucrative Navy contracts.
Safe Burglary Conspiracy Private Secretary Orville Babcock indicted over framing a private citizen for uncovering corrupt Washington contractors.


“I’m Dreaming Of A Totally White Christmas.”

Sing it with me Murica!


The joke’s on you! Sad! President Trump got to you celebrate Christmas!


The “questions” section has some gems as well:


A slice of awesome if I ever saw one.


What happened to Amazon’s bold stand against hate speech merchandise?


Haters. That’s the snazziest trucker hat-themed bauble I have ever seen.


The difference being that Grant himself evidently wasn’t corrupt, he just made terrible decisions about who to have in his administration.


When they do a dark-comedy movie about this totally shit year, the really awful bigot character will have one of these on his tree.


At least the Nazis were snappy dressers. Gilded trucker hats are just so gauche.


Ha, I was wondering if they were made in China, but it seemed like, at this point, Trump might have some qualms about that. But of course not.

He could fit more of the small ones on the tree, and the profit margin is so much bigger. Why, he could make hundreds of thousands of dollars off the white house by having it buy them from him. He’ll do it. He’ll figure out ways of holding state events at his buildings, too, I imagine. I was reading about how much money he’s already made off the presidential run. Apparently the secret service aren’t allowed to take gifts, so they have to pay for anything of value they’re given - e.g. plane tickets. Which means, by using his own planes - and flying frequently - Trump has forced the secret service to have to pay him $1.6 million dollars so far. His decision to spend time in Trump tower means they’ll have to rent space from him there as well.

Since he already is, I think we’re well beyond doubt. My only question at this point is whether the US military will become involved in protecting his business interests. Given all the property around the world with his name on it that will make awfully tempting terrorist targets, the issue’s going to come up sooner or later…


The way Amazon’s automatic discounting system ‘works’ he could well end up making money.