Travel back in time to the 1987 CES by watching these videos

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“You’ll see just how much technology has changed in 30 years.”

Has it? Has it really?


Is that back when they used to share a hall with the Adult Movie Awards?


And the VCR’s are all blinking 12:00! Sweet nostalgia!


That was the primary significance of the 1/2000th shutter speed. Non-blurry genitalia when you freeze-frame.


For some reason I was expecting to see some of the 32 bit computers from those halcyon days when a product release had mind blowing new features (completely unlike the removal of a headphone jack).

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Try this from 1978

3 minutes long


Thanks, but my goal in life is to forget CES.


That guy is a wicked smartypants, someone should give him a tv show or 5

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Oh man, worth it for the credit sequence at the beginning alone. Hilarious stuff.

Hear Burke interviewed a year or two ago, when he was talking about a new show or maybe a new packaging of Connections.

Still utterly on the ball, insightful, and brilliant.


I was a booth monkey at CES and COMDEX, Chicago and Las Vegas, from 1989 to about 1995. Pitching bottom-rung PC clones and multimedia CD-ROM software

These shows get played up as interesting but the tedium was awful. 99% suits buying and selling and bickering over “points.” It was Salespeople Land.Actual geeky techie people just didn’t belong.

At one point my new boss wanted me to branch out and start doing sales training on camcorders and VCRs. To become One Of Them.

Best thing that happened at a CES: January, 1993, the WIRED people set up a “dump” in our booth to give away copies of issue #1. Bought a stack home and gave them to friends, publishers, relatives. Decided I’d had enough of trade show work, sales training, and the like and started taking night classes in actual computer science.


I hate Salespeople, they’re so annoying.


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Hah - I was working on the Active Book - a very recognizable predecessor to the iPad etc back then. ARM 2as CPU, 1Mb ram - for everything including the display buffer, OS (a unix-like thing mcalled Helios) and the Smalltalk system that provided the application suite. The need to use contemporary D cell nicads meant it was a bit less sleek than and iPad…

It took 20 years for anything better to get to market.


Super Beta! At last! This’ll show that clunky upstart VHS who the best format is!

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Was Control Data Institute boothing there?

Incidentally, TV field crews were all about the Beta in 1987.

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