Yugoslavian computer magazine cover girls of the 1980s-90s


A little over two weeks after demoting Polish farmers to Eastern European peasants, BoingBoing does it again… (or rather, quotes somebody doing it):

My nitpick today: Yugoslavia was a communist country, but was not an Eastern Block country. Or are they Polish peasant women?

Rather, Yugoslavia was a founding member of the Non-Aligned Movement. Tito got in a fight with Stalin back in 1948, so Yugoslavia never joined the Warshaw pact.

In the 80s, the border between Austria and Yugoslavia was nothing at all like the border between Austria and its Eastern Bloc neighbors Hungary and Czechoslovakia. No significant amounts of barbed wire. Maybe the occasional fence. Plenty of official border crossings. And, several hiking paths across the mountainous part of the border where it was perfectly legal for people to walk across the border without reporting in to border police. Not your typical Iron Curtain.
So, dear Cold Warriors, please remember: Yugoslavia was not your enemy.
End of history lesson.

That said, as long as you are always able to clearly tell the Serbian and Croatian languages apart, you will probably not get in trouble with the locals ;-).


those are some sexy computers! “vintage tech” makes me swoon. i wish they wouldn’t have put all the people in the way.


I love that one. The screenshot is really graphic with it too. It’s got semi-ironic retro futuristic album cover written all over it. That and some Yugoslavian stuff I can’t read.


I really really want this Yugo fireplace!!! AWESOME



Boing Boing

Gallery of awful tech garbage at CES

Although the ISO code was DDM, I’m pretty sure that the Ossies just referred to their currency as DM, too.

Of course, an East German home computer had to be much larger, in order to accommodate the mandatory Stasi informant.


That’s forced perspective.



No, in GDR the currency was just M(ark)


Given the barebones design, I was thinking some Eastern Bloc manufacturer - Pannonia or Danuvia maybe? It looks like a single cylinder engine.


“Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!”

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Interesting that all the software pictured is in English.


Oh this brings back memories. But I bought it for the articles :slight_smile: That september 1992 issue was I think one of the first ones I bought.

Oh and I also had my driving lessons on Yugo.


Which Surveillance Camera?
This month; We extort confessions from leading suspects so you don’t have to.


I’m pretty sure that’s what the sysadmin feels like when you ring up the help desk…


Having been one, that does indeed apply sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks Mondo 2000 ish.


It’s a title to get people interested and sell books, sure. But the guy (he’s a journalist) writes for a living, so I find it hard to fault him for that.




As a non-aligned country, they probably got most of their tech from the US or Britain, rather than the Soviet Union.