Free energy for sale: Steorn's impossible Orbo hits the market


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I also made a perpetual machine :smile: and it works


If it’s “free energy”, then why is it always “for sale”?




Man, I really want one of these… but sadly it’s out of my price range. I’ve only got $5 in the budget for zero-point energy devices that look like monkeys. But I wants it.


Why am I surprised to discover that this isn’t a BoingBoing Store sponsored article…

This is a decisive moment for Steorn; once they start taking payments for orders, they're legally obliged to deliver the miracle they've claimed, or else they're on the hook for fraud. It might be the beginning of the end for Steorn, or just the end of the beginning.

I strongly recommend that they use some of that investment money to buy into the email lists for Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson. Not only are they guaranteed excellent sales, when anything goes wrong their new “spokesmen” (maybe the scare quotes should go around “men”) will assure the buyers that it’s all Obama’s fault.


How’s your budget for zero-point energy devices that look like a Buddha? Cuz that’s what I see if I look at it upside down.


Gee, I’ve discovered a source of free energy! Should I build a series of huge facilities, hook them up to the electric grid, and be wealthy forever, or should I make plastic knick-knacks and sell them to “select” customers? Decisions, decisions.



I really want one to power my Trace Buster Buster Buster Buster.


Is the guy who build this device called Galt?


How does this work for Steorn? They sell a bunch of products that essentially have very long-lived batteries in them, get a bunch of people to buy the products and talk about how great it works before the batteries run out and Steorn takes the money and runs? Or are they hoping to get a bunch of money from investors that never gets turned into actual products?


I bet someday there will be an auction for cases of them when they go out of business and the bank sells the assets.

Actually, they look like they would be fun to paint, like vinyl toys.


Still only gets me to $12, unfortunately. So unless the Euros to Dollars exchange rate hits a thousand to one, it’s out of my reach. President Trump should do something about the exchange rate - I bet if he took a hard line with those Europeans they’d sell me an Orbo for $12.


Thanks for following through by buying one of these things. It will be really interesting to follow along with what you find out about it.


PROTIP: if you’re going to market a free energy device, don’t design it to look like a Nazi Supervillain who tried to take over the world with a free energy device.


I’m assuming that if/when they actually get into the hands of consumers and fail to work that either the consumers will be blamed for using them “wrong”, or whoever actually manufactures the components will be blamed for making sub-standard parts.


“They’d found a loophole in the way that magnetic fields interact that allowed the law of conservation of energy to be broken, and caused so-called “free energy” to be generated: energy from nothing.”

Somebody else shell out $1275 US and get back to me…


two or three smartphone charges per day

More charges than my ZeroLemon solar battery gets during the peak of summer.

But anyways, it takes some stones to put out a product like this. This leads to bankruptcy and jail time. This will be hugely entertaining to see how it plays out.


Vote for Trump, get cheap perpetual motion? Sounds about right!