Read: The full run of If magazine, scanned at the Internet Archive

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IF was okay, but I preferred its more rigorously defined sister publication IFF.


I preferred its less pretentious precursor, Text Adventures :wink:

Kidding aside, this is cool. So many reasons to love the Internet Archive.


I still want a coffee table high quality collected print of Omni. Probably one of the best publications ever, but the legal complications in that is a nightmare to untangle. Still that’s my pipe dream.

Why ‘They Were Made Of Meat’ was better for their printing it (though it was) I’ll never know. They could go pretty nuts on the multi-coated (clay, rinseproof…) paper at Omni. What would your coffeetable have to be made of, one of its periodic tables of speculative elements?

Is there an easy way to download the whole thing in one go? Yes. Use Chrono extension in Chrome and the list at this pastebin:

Thanks to MeeeeeestaD over at Ars in the comments of this thread:

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