All back issues of Omni magazine now available online


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Something to do on those lonely Winter nights.


In a similar vein for 80’s nostalgia happy mutants, longtime window to the weird Night Flight is now available as full episodes online


I am almost losing my shit here at work as soon as i saw OMNI on the title. Ideally i’d like to have a high quality physical reprint collection of the magazine, but i’ll take what i can get. Hopefully they’ll have some sort of deal on Amazon down the line because 3 bucks a pop and 200 issues is too rich for my blood.


For the covers alone this is awesome.


I imagine this current release is, at least in part, due to hard lessons learned from trying to bring print to an internet fight in this previous venture…


I’d be happy having either a reprint of all the magazines or a book compiling all the art and covers of the magazines. My dad had maybe 20 issues of OMNI back in the day and i vividly recall spending hours staring at all the incredible mind bending art, reading all these weird articles and short stories.


When I was a teen I would cut people lawns to make money during the summers. There was this one home I’d cut that had a shed on the side where the they kept the lawnmower. It smelled of mice and gasoline. In one of the corners were cardboard boxes full of Playboys and Omni magazines. I’d take breaks from the sun reading both. I knew H.R. Giger’s art was awesome way before Alien and I still have a crush on a girl from Hoboken named Janet Lupo.


Just in time for the new Bladerunner.


Excuse me, airbrush artist, can you give me a bald woman in heavy makeup facing exactly toward me with perfect symmetry? Maybe a beam of something shooting out? I’ll take a side view if that’s all you have.

Buddy, don’t worry. We got you covered. :wink: Will that be “emotionless?” Or “blow-up doll?”


My sister subscribed to this when I was very young and I loved getting my hands on them. I don’t even recall if I read anything in them. They were just so cool to look at. The art was fertilizer for the Imagination.


I’m not sure if this is good or bad for my collection of Omni magazines I have carefully bagged and stored in the basement…


There is a pretty easy way to strip the DRM from Kindle books, and a Kindle Unlimited membership is $10/month.


I’m mostly holding out for a physical reprint/collection :slight_smile: ya never know


You don’t … want to get married, do you?


I thought you meant on or in a torrent or something. That’s got to be easier for everyone, them included. We finally solve the problem of being able to distribute information to nearly anyone anywhere instantly and people still actually try to make bizarre transactional rituals out of it.


“The certificate expired on March 27, 2009 at 12:25 AM. The current time is June 2, 2017 at 6:42 PM.”



Yeah, this is crap. Something that was freely available is now pay-walled, and take a wild guess as to whether or not the original artists and authors will see a cent of it.


Also worth a hoot its snake oil ads (ex: pills for improving hair quality).


I always associate Omni with Heavy Metal from the same era - FWIW Heavy Metal is still in print (reading the latest issue right now).