Jack Kirby's long-lost, incomplete "The Prisoner" comic book


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Well, this makes me happy.


Aww man, they made him look just like Simon Templar. All out of ideas, guys?


With all due respect to Kirby, why does Patrick McGoohan look like Chuck Connors?


I don’t really like it. The narration is what kills it for me. It’s explaining far too much.

I didn’t see the remake either. I heard it was terrible. I don’t know – nothing can remotely compare to the original series, especially when seeing it as a teenager in the late 60’s for the first time, and going “this is the coolest thing ever!” and “WTF???” at the same time.


I read the whole article under the mistaken impression that the post was about Jack Chick. I was all like “NO WAY!” until I got to the end and did a double take.

Jack Chick adapting The Prisoner would have been a hell of a lot more interesting.


I agree; I kept expecting a thought bubble with the explanation of why he resigned.


Every third panel, Ezekiel would pop up to remind us the Village is actually Hell, because McGoohan didn’t recite the prayer on the back cover. And there’s burning flames all around that sinners can’t see.


Wanna take bets on who No. 1 is?


Then the “thought bubble” roars and eats him alive.


Good timing, Festival Number 6, which is a music festival in Portmerion, starts tomorrow.
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Stan Lee? :wink:


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