"Somebody Goofed," an animated Jack Chick tract

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Schlafly and now Chick, gone! At this rate scientists predict that we’ll run out of assholes by the year never!


My hope:
Jack Chick and Pete Burns arrive at the Pearly Gates nearly simultaneously.
And due to some Heavenly bureaucratic mixup, hijinks ensue!


Satire or homage? Who can tell?


I don’t know but how high does nicotine get people in the Jack Chick universe? :laughing:


It’s both and I’m okay with that. Jack Chick did far, far more harm than he did good – even if we were to measure it by his own standards, of spreading the Gospel. That it painted that much bigger of a target on those who do believe, it makes their mission that much harder. He was, pretty much, a fuck.

But it’s a fascinating cultural artifact that merits – if not respect, then at least fidelity. So I love that the video went all the way through to the payoff at the end of the pamphlets (“It’s not too late to accept Jesus”, etc.) instead of sticking with easy laughs.

That said, it missed the chance to go with my favorite Chick pamphlet about Revelation, which included the awesome motor-bike mini-guillotine used for executing folks who avoided the mark and still tried to engage in commerce. Really strikes me as a good Burning Man art car project.


The thing is - the guy who was trying to convert the kid? He was also Satan.

When it comes to Jack Chick, one is inextricably bound with the other - the latter always functions as the former, whatever the intent. The opposite isn’t necessarily true, but also often is.


I loved how hell is populated with rock guys, hasidic jews, and cavemen.

Hey! No conspicuous buddhists… Hmm…


i would have clicked on the video, but it didn’t look like a dropped dollar bill. fool me once…

for a brief moment i always think…oh he’s going to finally find out he was wrong, but alas that isn’t how death works.

a number of years back i bought the entire sampler pack of all of them and left them out on a coffee table as a humorous conversation starter. they are quite funny…unintentionally, but still!

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I’d watch this movie!


That’s like the best quirky 80s roommate sitcom ever!

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