RIP Jack Chick, father of the Satanic Panic


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Good riddance to bad rubbish.

He ruined so many people’s lives thanks to the satanic panic bullshit.

It’s kind of ironic. If the xtians didn’t foam themselves up into the satanic panic, it would have saved a lot of innocent people decades of imprisonment.


Guess I’ll have to do a Kickstarter to keep the Chick Tracks going.

just noticed I spelled Tracts wrong, but I don’t really give a shit about fixing it.


I did find it odd that we went to a pumpkin patch yesterday and nobody had littered the Halloween tracks all over.


Somewhere locked away is a trunk slightly bigger than a Chick tract wrapped in chains, and if you listen very carefully you can hear a small voice wailing,

“Help! My illustrations… they are all athiests!”


He’s in Heaven now, bothering the Hell out of the angels.


I think he’d be very surprised at his soul’s current environs.



But he’d recognize it.


Do a Google image search for “jack chick tract hell”. Quite a sight.


Naw, he’s in hell with Phyllis Schlafly and Fred Phelps, trying to figure out what the fuck happened. (Assuming there is a hell, of course.)


Enormous tracts… of land!

Wait. That’s something different.


I was unclear that Jack Chick was an actual person. I have never seen a photograph of him. I had always assumed him to be a collective of several different people.


Do we really need to say “People we don’t like should be tortured an infinite amount?” It’s like the folks suggesting that someone rape Trump: that doesn’t end rape culture. I’m with Lennon on this.

That aside: I can’t believe no one has linked to Zombie Orpheus Entertainment’s film interpretation of Jack Chick’s take on D&D, Dark Dungeons!


Livin’ it up when we’re…


Fewer people harbored more hate for people that weren’t like him than Jack Chick. And he justified all of it as godly.


I don’t actually believe in hell, but those people wanted to condemn so many others. I just figure they should get what they gave, but really I think we all just end up worm food or ashes, no reward or punishment regardless of goodness or badness.


Hope that did not come off too much as personal… being a gender and sexual and religious and uh… lots of minority categories, I have had to overcome a lifetime of the concept of heaven/hell pitched at me at full volume. I find them as concepts—not who we think ought end up where in some afterlife—to be profoundly obscene. But that’s just me.


Because imaging a notorious bigot in his own hell is exactly like hoping somebody gets raped in prison.

This isn’t like suggest Trump get raped - this is like gleefully imagining Trump living in one of his own casinos, staffed by “illegals”, for eternity.


The unfortunate thing is that his decades of negative influence can’t die with him.