Biggest instrumental hits of the last 50 years


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Link to article:

Also, looking at the list, one thing that surprises me is its length. I had expected there to have been more UK chart topping instrumentals, but even with a longer time window, there have been far fewer. Perhaps it’s due to a slightly different definition of “Instrumental”.

There are a couple “pop” instrumentals that I like quite a bit. One is the kind of funny, old, Classical Gas by Mason Williams:

The other is Follow Your Bliss, by The B-52s:

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Curious how high Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover” charted (spoiler: it didn’t), I looked up what was going on in 1992:

Really wish I hadn’t done that now. ha ha

My wife and I were at Circuit City with some friends, browsing the CD section. I had picked up Rhino’s “Appalachian Stomp” and was looking at it when Elaine asked what I had. I said I was looking at a disk with pretty much every bluegrass song I’d ever enjoyed on it, and was pointing out the ones I was familiar with. “That’s my brother,” she said when I got to “Dueling Banjos.” It took me a minute to understand that her brother, Steve Mandell, was the largely uncredited second performer on the track. So then I had to buy it, but it was worth it.

(Elaine, by the way, is married to Steve Stiles. If you’re a Hugo voter, please put him down for Best Fan Artist. This anecdote sponsored by Steve Stiles for Fan Artist Hugo.)

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