Bikes shipped in boxes with TV set printed on box suffer less delivery damage


If you never open it, it can exist in a state of being damaged and undamaged at the same time.


I doubt the shipping company guys think: “this package is cheap, doesn’t matter if I break it.” Rather I imagine they think that a bicycle is just a bunch of welded metal, so hey, we can just drop that one out of the back rather than having to lower it carefully.


Because that literally does not appear to be the issue. They didn’t say they changed shipping materials, they say they put a picture on their same box.

Putting a picture on the box meant that shippers took better care of it. Why they take better care of one box or another is the issue, not “use a different box.”

If one person got into seventeen car wrecks in a year you wouldn’t tell everyone else to drive a safer car, would you?


Can I watch the show, Schrodinger’s Bike on Schrodinger’s TV?


Heh! Think you were replying to @Mister44, though.


I’d just tell them to quit brake-checking and cruising in the passing lane.


I just received a large ceramic platter that was shipped in a TV box (broke an old one of my mother-in-law’s)… I assumed that it was because the box used nice double-fluted cardboard, but perhaps the shipper was playing the psych angle.


I hate mayonnaise. Loathe it. Even the smell makes me cringe.

When I got out to eat I found saying “no mayo please” had about a 33% failure rate. But when I said, “no mayo please, I’m allergic”, the failure rate when to 0%.


It’s all about keeping something like that upright, which they’ll do with a TV, less so anything else even with “This end up” arrows.


Oh yeah?!? Hold my beer and watch.


They did, they printed a TV on the box, which it turns out gets your stuff there in one piece. Ergo: better shipping materials. For cheap.


Yes, but only if the TV is neither on nor off (or, one supposes, if you’re not in the same room as it).


I’m guessing this is a “class” issue. A way of taking passive-agressive economic revenge.


Truth in advertising.


Well, presumably previously they didn’t know what it was and assumed a certain degree of sturdiness (that wasn’t the case), but now they’re seeing them as something both fragile and expensive.


I’ve also read that it’s better to label a delicate parcel “GLASS” rather than “FRAGILE”


Couldn’ hoyt.


Cycling doesn’t fit the narrative.


VanMoofs range from $750-$2500. 70"-80" TVs at Costco range from $1250-$5450.


What happens if you use “atheist”-branded packing tape when sending items via USPS?

See here: