Watch cyclists try to retrieve a bike ensnared in an electric fence


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Bike caught on electric fence

"Just be brave! 'Cause you’re a bloody welder."
That was absolutely hilarious!


So much for the insulation properties of rubber…



If you pee on the fence it will short it out and you can remove the bike.


This is sheer porn for exactly one half of participants in bbs “cyclists vs drivers” threads…


Giving the benefit of doubt and assuming that the gate was padlocked… why on earth would you attempt to cross the bike over the unsupported wire portion of the fence, and not the very solid wooden part right alongside? Yes, the wood is a wee bit higher, but you can actually use it as support during the process.


I was thinking they could put straps (or belts, or paracord or whatever they have) through the front and rear tires to lift and then use a stick to steady… but what do I know


Doesn’t help much when you’re grabbing the metal rim!

If they had simply grabbed it like
where parens are cupped hands and the O is the wheel, they’d have been fine.

(Cue the goatse references now, lol!)

Carrying on a bit further on how stupid they were - the sticks would have been fine if they had used two in coordination, one through each wheel.

Also any number of possibilities using bag or helmet straps, belts, etc, (as @kpkpkp mentions above).


I’m sure the owner of the mangled fence found it equally hilarious.


While it’s difficult to decide which one is the dumbest, my vote goes to the guy who shot the vertical video.


They explain it at one point in the video: he didn’t see the thin wiring and thought it was a way through the fence.


I wonder if it was muddy and damp enough to conduct even along the rubber tires?


It looks like everything was rather wet and muddy. The rubber won’t insulate very well when the electricity can travel through/on the wet surfaces!


I wonder if it’s possible to turn off an electric current with some sort of switchlike device?


Don’t be ridiculous.

Bravery is what’s required here.

And a pint afterwards.


My dog was smarter than these folks–it just took her one snap from an electric fence and she never touched one again. But then, she was a Siberian, nor an English (insert breed name here).


I work in an inclement area with lots of electric fencing for bears. When it rains hard and things get wet enough, the water carries the current, even along wood and rubber. We have different kinds of latches/closures on some of the gates and though they are insulated, if they’re wet enough, you’ll get zapped. It’s a habit of many employees to grab the latch with their coat sleeve if their coat is dry and it’s been particularly rainy.


LOL. City folk…