Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in "A Night at the Roxbury"

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These deepfakes are getting increasingly ridiculous and unbelievable.


I threw up in my mouth a little…

…and all over the computer a LOT!

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Sorry to shit on all the Bill Gates love that’s been going around for years, but he was truly a Martin Shkreli sized asshole in the 90s.

Microsoft did everything possible to kill Linux and free software, mostly by using anti-competitive tactics like bundling and undercutting other products at huge losses, then locking them in to predatory contracts. Windows NT was the piecest of shit OS and their products were nearly unusable for development.


That’s right. You better laugh!

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Hehe, that’s great, but I saw an even more hilarious deepfake of Ballmer, ooh, nearly 20 years ago, he came out at an MS conference all sweaty and bug-eyed and looped around like a maniac yelling “Developers developers developers developers!”…


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