Terrifying Steve Ballmer ad for Microsoft Windows 1.0


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Still less obnoxious and creepy than Clippy.


This post inspires me to imaginations of Balmer made up as the Pinhead cenobite, asking ‘Where do you want to go today?’ as you inadvertently manipulate your rubik’s cube into a red, green, blue, and yellow pattern on one side.

I’d give photoshopping it a try; but that’s out of my league.


Low bar man. Low bar.


I guess you’ve never seen Triumph of the Nerds?


I hadn’t, but it looks interesting!


It is.

Strange to think it’s 20 years old already.


I want to see him and Alex Jones debate something. Or sell something.


If I had lived in Nebraska back then I would have been terrified.


This is a skit produced for some company event, not a serious ad ever intended to be shown to the public.


You gotta be fucking kidding me. There even was a remake, 15 years later.


Something to be said for using actors and models.


terrifying? really?


And it only got worse:

From “I… LOVE… THIS… COMPANY…” to “Developers, developers, developers, developers, developers.”
From his awkward prancing to the sweat-saturated, buttoned-down shirt clinging to his bulk.
Everything he does seems designed to provoke projectile regurgitation.


Those poor folks in Nebraska…


Ah, the good old “early Windows” days.

I remember them well. Unfortunately.

That said, this certainly captures the essence of the times.


Leave Clippy alone!!!




“Post 'em to MSN!”

'nuff said.


Go back to bed @beschizza… or should I ask if your sleep patterns have settled down to normal yet?