Ballmer fell, cut head, during Nokia buyout negotiations




Conventional wisdom states that it’s best to conduct negotiations from a position of power, but I think it’s even more important to conduct them from an upright position.


I’m sorry, as soon as I read that name a hysterical voice in my head just starts screaming “developers developers developers developers developers” and I don’t take in anything else.



I find it interesting that Ballmer has a personal security detail while visiting the corporate lawyers.


Steve Ballmer’s To-do list:
✓ Windows
✓ Gates
✓ Chair
✓ Table

Who’s next?


i’m glad he wasn’t terribly hurt, but i’m also deeply hoping for audio of this “loud shriek”.


I misread it as involving ballmer’s head being cut off and falling…


“Executives from Nokia sequestered in a conference room elsewhere in the offices were baffled by the sound, wondering whether Mr. Ballmer was reacting badly to a counter-proposal they had made.”

Totally stealing this for my screenplay.

(No idea how this became a reply - sorry, dr_bombay!)


It’s like a metaphor for his career at Microsoft.


Maybe something like this?

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