Ballmer resigns from Microsoft board




Steve Ballmer Throws in the Chair.


That is quite the portrait.


It’s not one of Dubya’s, is it? It’s got that, well, look


“Any sort of overhang of Ballmer being on the board is now in the rear view mirror,” Mr. Ives said.

I get a very disturbing visual from this atrociously mixed metaphor.


The fall will be hectic between teaching a new class and the start of the NBA season


Balmer resigns from Microsoft, bored.



I’m imagining a giant pair of truck nutz hanging from the rearview of an S5 Audi.


Clippers, Clippers, Clippers, Clippers!


So… blue? And frequently, and at the most inconvenient possible times?


Awww, no fair, most all of us original rave generation folks look like that now when we get on one…

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