Microsoft's neo-nazi chat bot rides again


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Microsoft is cute in its senescence.

Nobody actually needs MS for anything anymore outside of PC gaming.

They just putter about being useless, and occasionally offensive.




Talk dirty to me chat bot.


Wait, was the chat bot saying that or was that the programmers’ excuse?




I wish they’d just leave it turned on.

It reflects the Internet, and more specifically Twitter, as it is - rather than as we might wish it to be.


I’m not a single bit surprised, coming from the creators of Clippy.


When President Trump hires Tay as his spokesmuppet…


If you typed, “Fuck off” into Clippy’s little box, he gave you instructions on how to deactivate himself. What a helpful little guy.


Well, they really have to apologize, being a corporation and all. But I’ll bet they’re secretly proud.


It’s really our fault. We’re enabling them.


Users of Tay 7 through Tay 9 can get a limited time free upgrade to Tay 10.0!


Well, except for Azure, or Office, or Windows. I mean it’s not like they’re market leaders in those or anything.

What a weird comment.


Azure has multiple serious competitors, so nobody needs it, unfortunately, none of office’s competitors are really fully up to par yet, so you’re right on that one, OSX is better as a consumer OS and for media production, and linux is better for any other kind of serious computation or development. Unless you need particular software that is windows-only (the only things I can I can think of that aren’t extremely specialized are Office and PC games) you don’t need Windows.


Why? Just shrug and go on. Shit happen. Only the weak ask for apologies.


(1) Tay has new, dubious friends (2) Parents ban from new friends (3) Tay sneaks out at 3am to hang out with dubious friends. So this is just an ABC after school special, right? Although she might have to crash the car before the 3rd act family reconciliation thanks to her favorite teacher, ANN.



Obviously everyone needs to be exactly compatible with the latest version of Office, just in case someone sends us a doc using the latest features (what are those anyways?).


Is she Bob’s daughter?