Microsoft reboots


I see we’re still worshiping productivity. I thought we were past that.


Wait, what are we worshipping today?

Moloch. Line up the kids.


Wouldn’t it be fun if Microsoft bluescreened, rebooted, bluescreened, rebooted again… over and over until the end of time, like a server after a botched patch?


It rightfully belongs to MicroSoft? Is that some sort of god given right they had which has been illegally usurped by Apple? It’s revealing that MicroSoft’s attitude is that it’s somehow rightfully theirs, even though they’ve done nothing to earn it lately. People aren’t lining up to buy their phones, or their tablets, or even Windows based PC’s, but somehow we’re denying their inherent right to sell us stuff? I had no idea my Linux machine or my iPhone were somehow infringing on MicroSoft’s god given rights.

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Well, their “manifest destiny” allowed them to “borrow liberally” from their early partnership with Apple, inspiring Windows. And somehow, the M$ pundits have always been very smug about how much CP/M, Apple, VMS, Linux, etc. suck - due to Microsoft trying to steal all of their ideas.

But, to give them some credit, Microsoft seem to have had decent support and something like clear maps of the lifecycles of their products! Apple has often had great new technologies to hype, but when they don’t take off, early adopters are left in the cold once Apple’s selective amnesia kicks in. Qu’est-ce que… Hypercard? Geoport? Cyberdog? Appleshare? Lots of them aren’t killed off, but go from hype storm to a slow protracted death with little support: Dashboard, Quicktime, Quartz Composer, etc. M$ might kind of suck, but they seem to be more clear with developers and customers where they stand. Which reminds me!

Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!
Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers!
(I’ll show myself out…) XD


Microsoft should work on the sub $40USD phone for the developing world. Mozilla is clearly not up to the task.

Wait - I’ll just ask the Popular People’s Front for Productivity Reinvention. Before those bastards at the People’s Popular Front for Reproducing Invention mislead you.

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I think the new Win10 stuff about merging codebases for Phone, Desktop and Tablet but maintaining a better UI for desktop is a good step forward. That being said, ARM took off because of battery reasons, so hopefully we can figure out how to merge x86 code without wrecking that.

I work at MS and I’m pretty positive about the future of the company in general. I’ve seen Satya in person a few times (from a distance of course) and he is a really nice guy and he gets software in a pretty fundamental way. I think those are both good things. The layoffs I’m not as happy about, but I’m also not in a place to cast an effective judgment on it.


They still think they are king of the mountain and as such must have total control over all the computers. My reply to that is ‘Bite Me!’

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You can tell Rob is really excited because he used a period.

When he’s feeling meh he skips punctuation and capitalization entirely.

If he’s negative, he’ll blog in Esperanto.


Rob used an exclamation point once. Once.


They’re still trying to see how far down into the mantle the servers melted.

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In before the M$-bashing starts.

MS’s monopoly is ended so they will be increasingly irrelevant.

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Too late. (Not that it’s uncalled for, y’know.)

This staggering drop occurred not because Microsoft lost ground in
personal computers, on which its software still dominates, but rather
because it has failed to adapt its products to smartphones, where all
the growth is, and tablets.

They’re not going anywhere. At least until next year, because that’s when Linux on the Desktop is finally going to take off, right?


So somehow, IE is up to the task where firefox failed? Trippy.
(Ok not failed, just… whatevs)

“Why would you use Visual Studio when there’s Emacs?!!”




Ackshually, I use Emacs for everything except .NET coding.

So if we want more relevance in the world, we need more monopolies? No thanks.

What do you mean “take off”? It’s been around for years…