Not just Apple: Microsoft has been quietly lobbying to kill Right to Repair bills


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It’s unfortunate; but not really surprising. Microsoft’s two main hardware ventures are consoles(a genre that has resented even the idea of user interference since long before Microsoft joined the party); and ‘surface’ devices that are love letters to Apple’s most unserviceable impulses; sometimes surpassing even their inspirations(the Surface Laptop, notably, is about as unserviceable as hardware gets outside of HSMs and land mines).

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Ummm … [Nathan Fillion gif]

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Shouldn’t you be murdering Thompson or Smith instead? I’m not sure how much of a role Bill has these days.

As for “not just Apple”, well, no-one expects Microsoft to not behave in a crappy way.



His name is Bill… Right to Repair Bill.

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Ah, that high-pitched noise I heard earlier was your point going past me, I see

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My reaction exactly. Probably the most toothless threat ever.



No worries. I knew when making it that it would be confusing, and possibly threatening to anyone named “Bill”. But then I thought about this guy. I should have included him in the image.

Maybe I’ll go in and change it.

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One more Surface Bill Gates won’t sell. I quit buying MS Office when he put a member of a criminal family at the top.

I’m sure you all know how to check the back of a computer for serviceability and all y’all know how to reuse those “non-reuseable” screws holding the back on.

Now if I could just get some schematics on tablets so I can take the wifi card out of one and use it for a secure offline device…pull the sim card as needed and no worries.



And no one was surprised.