Steve Ballmer can buy the LA Clippers, judge rules


Nothing like some assets and hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour in legal firepower to spice up a messy marital togetherness deficiency…

It can, of course, be done on the cheap (as a great many people each year demonstrate); but there’s nothing quite like the special flavor of people rich beyond the dreams of avarice fighting like pigs in the mud over irrelevant assets serving as proxies for more emotionally salient scores that need settling.


Best news - this means Seattle won’t get saddled with a white elephant basketball or hockey team any time soon.

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Do you think they will be renamed to LA Bluescreens? Or perhaps LA Clippies, with Clippy the Annoyance as their logo? Or LA Flying Chairs?

Or maybe Steve “dance monkey dance” Ballmer will end up as their mascot, rallying them up with his telltale antics?

The possibilities…!


Godallfuckingmighty, just get him out of Microsoft.

Maybe he can amuse himself stack ranking the players.


The sad thing is that for the people of Los Angeles this is good news.

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I suppose with Stern finally gone it’s theoretically possible that Seattle will now get an NBA team, but I’m not exactly holding my breath. It serves far too well as threat- “Give us everything we want, or we’ll Move To Seattle!!”

Developmental League! Developmental League! Developmental League! DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE! DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE! DEVELOPMENTAL LEAGUE!!!

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Finally, our long-suffering national nightmare is over.

Even Ballmer isn’t a big enough imbecile to pay through the nose for an LA franchise, then move it to a smaller market where he doesn’t have an acceptable stadium, even if they’d let him.

I love most sport, but NBA leaves me cold. I’d happily swap the useless Mariners for a hockey team though. To be honest, I’d be happy just to have the Thunderbirds back at Key Arena. I can’t believe they moved to Kent.

Thank you for that sentence.

After several hours, it finally registered…

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