Bill Gates' anti-cryptocurrency comments could make crypto even more popular

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People who do things just because people they dislike condemns them are weird.


Rather than dissuading many of the right-leaning crypto-curious, Bill Gates’ anti-crypto statements might just throw fuel on the conspiracy theory fire, and make some of them more likely to turn to crypto.

Dumb-dumbs are gonna dumb-dumb. My sympathy for the crypto-bros’ marks has its limits.


And then they’ll blame their eventual financial ruin on those same “conspirators”, instead of the real grifters and their own flawed decision making.


It’s logic like that, why I don’t invest in crypto.


How did they get to call it in ‘investing’ rather than ‘gambling’ in the first place?


No, people who do things just because people they dislike condemn them are petty, childishly spiteful and stupid.


They’ve been conditioned by the regular stock market effectively being a casino-style one where the house always wins and where you only get wealthy by starting wealthy.

Cryptocurrency adds on a whole other layer of stupid, where the “investment” is denominated not in fiat currency but in imaginary Beanie Babies and Pokemon cards (or derivatives thereof).


So they like Elon, but hate Bill. Maybe picking your favourite billionaire isn’t the best approach. How about raging against the existence of any of them at all? Big picture, cryptobros and conspiracy nuts. Big picture.


Idiots gonna idiot.


Next you’ll be telling me that dying to put the nobleman who said that god wants him to be king on the throne isn’t the correct path out of my peasant hovel. That’s crazy talk!


Maybe the conspiracy-leaning folks like the wild and wacky theories, because it’s easier to blame some shadow-lizard-government type organization, than to just admit that our systems of commerce and consumption habits are unsustainable, and that there is no easy fix to the climate problems.

I used to hope that people were skewing toward science and reason, when it appeared religion was waning in popularity, through the late 1990s and early 2000s. It seems that people will always find some fantasy to paper over reality, in order to make it more palatable.


Gates’ anti-crypto statements might just throw fuel on the conspiracy theory fire, and make some of them more likely to turn to crypto.

Let them. Then they’ll lose all their money, go crawl under a rock somewhere, and leave us alone. Wait a minute. They’ll be broke so they’ll go on welfare. We’ll end up supporting them while they rant about big government. Sometimes you just can’t win.


My concern with Bill Gates is not crypto-- I think it’s all a Ponzi scheme anyway-- but his long association with Jeffrey Epstein, which appears to have been much closer than he has admitted. I know he’ll never be prosecuted, but I also know I wouldn’t trust him as far as I can throw him, unless it’s out of window, Russian style.


Well, yeah, but on the other hand, I can understand the impulse, to some degree. E.g. if Trump or MTG (or Elon Musk, for that matter) denounced something, I’d take that as a good indicator it had some worth. Much of the current Bill Gates hate seems to be functioning similarly, albeit based on entirely delusional beliefs about him and what he’s doing.

I fully expect an eventual “Bill Gates caused my ruin because he was secretly controlling the thing I got into because he denounced it!”


Because Matt Damon told them that 'Fortune favors the brave ™"


I can’t be the only person who thought there might be something to those drugs if Nancy Raygun and friends were telling me to say no?

Facetious as an example possibly, but maybe these folks haven’t grown out of that rebellious stage of adolesence as most humans do?

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It just seems like a pyramid scheme except you don’t even get tons of Amway crap or whatever. How does this make any sense?


Tax the billionaires fairly, and we’d have no problem supporting them all. Kind of a win-win.


Taking that into account is different from just making a knee jerk reaction to be on the opposite side of an individual. It’s one thing to take something into account and another to embrace something ONLY because someone said they hated it.

Except he’s 100% correct that crypto is fucking trash. I mean, its’ helping to wreck the god damn planet and is basically a pyramid scheme, but hey… embracing it pwns bill gates, so let’s do it? Bullshit. And these are the same assholes who claim that people supporting basic human rights are “woke fascists” who “hate freedom”. Fuck that. Crypto is a fucking pyramid scheme. Just because gates agrees with that doesn’t make it UNTRUE, FFS.

It’s not the same thing at all… and yes, actually sometimes drugs CAN be bad for you.

When did human beings stop being capable of nuance and start treating everything like sports?