Bill Gates attempts to guess the prices of everyday grocery items


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yeah but I would’ve guessed all of those wrong too. I just don’t shop in a grocery store much and when I do it is a quick one like Trader Joe’s and I seldom look at and hardly ever remember the prices.


I do all the grocery shopping for our household and I couldn’t guess the prices of any of those items either.
I can tell what everything I actually BUY costs though.



I am on the other side of the pond and I got two (Tide pods and dental floss) by knowing how much they or similar products cost in the UK, then doing some currency and tax conversion. I had no point of reference for the other three items though.


Hey, at least he’s a good sport about it.



Based on his answers, it looks like Bill’s charging about twice as much for his products as they should actually sell for.


Lucky you!


That’s the benefit of disposable income. I am guilty of this now. But go back far enough, and I was literally looking at quantity vs cost to fit meals into my budget (and supplementing with the food bank). I’d have killed for brand name anything back then, and I learned which of my nearby stores sold which items more cheaply.

Now, I’ve lost those skills. I’ve even lost the pride I used to have in looking at my cart and being happy I could estimate within $20 of the final bill.


That’s the reality I currently live in, (minus the bit about the food bank, thankfully.)

I actually kinda pity people whose lives are so insulated by privilege that they don’t know (or never knew) that a reasonable price for a single banana should be no more than .30¢; when the grid eventually fails and society as we know it collapses, it’s likely that many won’t be able to adapt.


I shop at a few stores (3 mostly) and thought I was a bargain finding genius. Zip within a dollar. Think I buy too much fresh food and environmentally safe stuff, have to work on that.


I didn’t get any of those because I don’t buy those products…

Marie Callender Meals and MtDews and I’d be a winner!


i admit I’m a contradiction - I totally am a cheapie and need to be practically goaded into paying up for things that many people take for granted (like ta taxi when I could just walk the 15 blocks even though I have a headache) and this behavior greatly affects my online purchasing as I check amazon and ebay and other sites to see how much money I can extract…but then I forget about it usually. to a lesser extent now I’ll do the same at the grocery store too…but these days I pay up for brand and don’t worry about the difference…I waste more money being penny wise pound foolish…


Tee hee hee… it’s so funny when the 0.00000001% can’t guess food prices (and I use the word “food” loosely… I’m lookin’ at you, Totino’s). Just cracks me up.

Geez Bill, do your own shopping once or twice. Or be like Bezos and just buy a fucking grocery store.

some people.


I honestly think he has better things to do. Like fund and manage an organization bent on eradicating malaria.


To be fair, there are plenty of subsistence farmers who would probably roll their eyes at the average middle-class American’s attempt to guess how long it takes grain to ripen or how many eggs a chicken can produce every week.


Ellen Degeneres makes it easy since she’s not mean-spirited about it. And it’s still funny for everyone.

I have disposable income but I still do this. Some of it is practising what I preach (I end up helping people I know who get into financial trouble a lot), some of it is meal planning, and some of it is what we’ll euphemistically call “frugality.” I still buy a lot of store brands, and buy certain items at stores where I know they’re cheaper.

I didn’t have to use the food bank, though – there’s a difference between choice and necessity, which is why food banks are so important.


yeah, right Ellen knows the prices of these things because she does her own shopping - is that what I’m hearing here?


Given what Bill and Melinda Gates have done with their money, I never get the impression he likes having made $100B, other than what he can do with it giving it away. Not to say he doesn’t really like being a billionaire – probably loves it – but $5B and $10B would have suited him fine and the rest is a little embarrassing to him. Apparently he has an office of ~25 people just to handle his personal wealth (not the foundation, just his own money); at some point having that much money has got to just be an enormous pain in the ass.


Every year for my birthday I go grab the stuff I couldn’t afford and donate it to the food bank bin at my local supermarket. Because I don’t know what I’d have done without them when I needed them!