Bill Murray on being obnoxious

hands you a coupon for a free order of fries


You read me like a book man.


It’s just lazy. Touching that nerve at the back of your mind where you start to lose your grip on what’s real or spin the wheels thinking about what might be out there in the dark- There’s a subtle art to that. Visceral response to blood is easy.

As I understand it, though, (haven’t watched it myself) the Saw films had a whole thing with impossible choices that was supposed to bring a psychological horror to it- but I got the impression that they glossed over it in favor of shock value gore.

The commentary is the best part of some movies. I once watched a commentary for a dumb movie where the director basically spent the whole commentary wondering why anyone is watching the commentary. It was hilarious.

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I don’t listen to too many commentaries anymore, but I always enjoyed Sam Sherman’s commentaries on Al Adamson’s* films (Satan’s Sadists, Dracula vs. Frankenstein, and the like). Even if the actual film was no good, the behind the scenes stories of how they cobbled the films together made fascinating and/or hilarious listening.

*Al Adamson has his own back story, murdered by his housing contractor and buried under his own bathroom floor.

Bubba Ho Tep is one film that requires watching with commentary on. Bruce Campbell does the commentary, in character, as Elvis.


That first one? Want.

Yeah. The villain of the Saw franchise fancies himself a Darwinist who believes that natural selection has completely stopped for humanity (which is so far from true it made me laugh out loud in the theater) so he goes around kidnapping and trapping people and putting them into situations where they have to maim themselves in order to survive. One of the famous traps is the beartrap collar padlocked around the neck and the key is surgically placed behind the victim’s eye. The victim is given their skull x-ray and a grapefruit spoon. That kind of thing.

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See, now that sounds like the kind of thing that would have made a great short… Not a series of however many feature length movies.

Or one set, one character, for two hours of torturously slow closeups of their face as they decide what to do. Maybe with flashbacks of him discussing classical philosophy with someone. Leave the ending unresolved.


Oh god… that’s so painfully stupid it truly wrenches me to read it. At best I would have laughed, like you.

But any time a movie or series brings up evolution, I sigh inwardly and think “here we go again”, because sweet baby Darwin, do they ever get it entirely backwards. If cars were designed like these guys understood evolution, we’d have a quivering heap of steering wheels with a lone blinking light somewhere.


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