Bill Murray on being obnoxious

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Bill rulez.

He’s an armatuere.

Anyone else see “Broken Flowers”? Pretty interesting meta-film about Murray himself.

Great soundtrack, too.


Fun interview, but I gotta say, damn that music was gratingly attention-grabbing…

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We ended up with all of these hanging in our house:


The sheer cornucopia of Bill Murray Tattooery is breathtaking.


why anyone thinks dullfest lost in translation is a good movie is beyond me except maybe for as a sleepless cure


Right? My annoyance with the Orientalist background was the only thing that kept me awake.

Scarlett Johanssen.


I’ve watched it a few times now, literally to see if I could understand what people liked about it. I liked the cinematography, but other than that, I yearned for either a plot or some character development.

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It was a smash hit because people like watching Tokyo and people like watching Bill Murray.

For a better more plot driven take on Tokyo, check out “Adrift in Tokyo” on Netflix (if still available).

I thought it was ok, but nowhere near as great as so many seemed to. It’s been so long since I’ve seen it, I can’t remember much. I think I basically enjoyed to the extent I did because of Murray and Johanssen.

Definitely enjoyed it more than the other two Sofia Coppola features I’ve seen, though.

I can relate. I’ve seen Saw three times. That fact alone would imply that I really like the film. Nope, hated it, but a well written review inspired me to give it a second chance (in a different, un-rated version, I think.) After that second, perhaps more dispiriting, watch, I watched it again with commentary because I wanted to hear the filmmakers’ justifications for what they did.


You’re a man after my own heart, Chuck.


I just couldn’t watch Saw. Funny horror movies like Evil Dead or Cabin in the Woods? Sure! Suspense like The Ring or The Shining? Sign me up. Torture porn? Nope nope nope.


Very funny man, Bill Murray. Charm, charm, charm.

But then one reads first-hand accounts (sorry, no link at hand) like this:

"I recognized Bill Murray at some restaurant where I was eating, he came over to my table, reached out without asking, and took food from my plate. After eating it, he said, “You know the best part? No one will ever believe you.”

I’m okay if Bill is obnoxious on camera, or on the street, or at his own table at a restaurant.

But if he really eats food off other diners’ plates like that, he deserves a punch in the face.

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Grabbing one fry is not psychopathy. Grabbing two, sure. But one?