Bill Plympton's "Plympmania" inspires me to draw

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The big eye ball falls on the guys foot, hopping around in pain. That’s genius to me.


I love Bill Plympton’s work. I have a drawing from his Hot Dog Animation.

Clip here:


I think the Popkinbot needs a reboot.


I used to go to all of the Spike and Mike’s Animation Festivals back in the 80s and 90s. Plympton was almost always featured. It was a first date one time, when I asked a few people from the office if they were interested in going after work, and only one girl agreed. I didn’t KNOW it was a date until later when she kissed me goodbye t the subway station. I was with her for 10 years.
Meanwhile, the last Plympton original I saw was when he did a guest couch gag for the Simpsons. It was excellent, of course.


Samesies! But also the International Tournees of Animation!


I still have the Take Your Best Shot game & screensaver CDROM floating around here somewhere. Just the sound of the screensaver coming from another room was hilarious.
I just wish it ran on modern Windows.

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The first thing that came to mind watching this video was how strongly reminiscent it was of those old 90’s screensavers.

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Me too. The breakout-like game with the exploding rats was hilarious.

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Plympton is great. And his attention to detail always extends to the great music accompanying each animation. His feature length film “The Tune” is chock full of this great stuff, including the beloved “Your Face”.

I’m particularly fond of “Your Face” as it has become a ritual of faux conflict in our house:

Dreamboat Junior: “In your face, Dad!”

Me: “Excuse me, but my face? My face is like a song.”

Dreamboat Dotter: “It’s like a melody, but no one wants to sing along.”

Plympton also introduced me to Parson Brown, a band I really love. Try this on:

Parson Brown, Mexican Standoff:

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Love Plympton’s stuff. I was gifted one of the animation sheets from Your Face and it’s always a joy find it on our wall.

also -


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