Billionaire GOP superdonors aren't getting what they paid for

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Shhhhhhhhh! Let them keep up the good work!

Kos and Atrios have been all over this since “Citizens United”.

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Does this mean there is hope for democracy in the US?


Rove has lost his mojo because he only ever had one trick: lying brazenly and unashamedly. Then he’d rely on the fact that no reporter will ever call him out directly on the lies because if they do the billionaires who sign the paychecks for Rove and his ilk (and many reporters too) won’t let those reporters sit at the Big Kids’ Table any more. The only saving grace is that even lying gets old after a while - the web can only hold up for so long. the down side is that the people who swallowed all those lies to begin with are now fully invested in buying the exact same lies, just from a newer and “more respectable” team of liars. Hence, Rove’s downfall.


Meanwhile, Trump rallies are becoming increasingly grotesque. In Las Vegas last night a black heckler was ‘escorted’ out to cries of burn the black mothers!cker! and sieg heil… go watch it yourself. I did and frankly I am no longer laughing at Trump. The guy is one step from passing out armbands and axe handles. He’s no oompa loompa, he’s a fascist.

They bleep a lot of the stuff at the beginning but skip to the last ten seconds to hear someone in the crowd clearly shout sieg heil. wow. hfs

Anyone know if The Donald has syphilis like his mentor?


Rove was never very good at handling the press or the public directly. He was a smarmy unlikeable bastard and he knew it. His talent was as an evil strategist.


Those who lived by the soundbite are now finding that they can die by the even less truthful soundbite.


I disagree, Rove is still scarily good at politics. He blew the call in Ohio, but so did the rest of the GOP. They don’t pay him to call elections- they pay him to win, and his bag of tricks still work just fine thanks.

I’m interested in the rumor that went around in '12 that Rove’s confidence was because the machines in Ohio were fixed, and his disbelief was because Anonymous un-fixed them.


GOP, still fucked up after all these years…


The billionaires who bankrolled Mitt Romney and other Republican establishment candidates are becoming disillusioned with the political classes, who give them the mushroom treatment: keep 'em in the dark and shovel shit all over them.

Of course they’re getting upset, that kind of treatment is supposed to be reserved for the lower classes!


As bad as it is to have the wealthy to buy off our democracy - having demagogues ruling is even worse.

American politics has become so dysfunctional that not even billionaires can buy their desired result.

And I’m not being totally sarcastic here, because this is leading to the rise of some major anti democratic forces. The decades long unresponsiveness of the political system to ordinary voters helps explain the appeal of Trump’s candidacy (he’s not some donor’s trained poodle) even though a lot of what he’s advocating is outside the American democratic norm. And the wealthy only tolerate democracy so long as they can exercise significant influence on it, and when it no longer predictably serves their interests, they will start funding its downfall. This actually makes Trump and wealthy donors more allies than enemies, since they both are anti democratic forces. Donors fear Trump cause they think he’ll crater the Republican party in a general election, not because he somehow opposes them. If anything, they’ll take Trump in a heartbeat over Sanders, someone who actually promises to shut the rich out of the political process.


The GOP superdonors might not be getting everything that they paid for, but they don’t need to since the DNC superdonors are helping from the “left”.

“There is only one party in the United States, the Property Party … and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat.” ― Gore Vidal


“[T]he super-rich have begun to found and manage their own super PACs, which dole out money to the candidates like micromanaging VCs giving out money to portfolio companies, making them hit milestones as a condition of further funding.”

Political consensus needs agreement. There can’t be meaningful agreement without trust. And trust is hard for billionaires to sustain with people who work harder and harder to pay their rent because of billionaire policies.


In other news, the New York Times now prints the word “shit” in the paper? When did that start?

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Isn’t the article from the New York Magazine, not the NY Times?


That’s right! Both sides do it equally! No difference so why vote?

Have you ever noticed that these messages are designed to discourage voting? Have you ever noticed that only one party is interested in discouraging voting?


Nice straw man. (BTW, the idea that Gore Vidal was a GOP stooge is hilarious)

I’m all for voting. I just refuse to be swayed by the fallacy of there being one “good” party as if anyone on the Democratic ticket must be the better choice. Sometimes you have to fight within the party to make sure they put forth the right candidates.

There are (and have been) plenty of shitty ideas proposed by both parties supported by interests who hedge their bets and funnel money to multiple candidates.


That’s Mr. Shit to you. And, I guess, to most of the rest of us.


This a horrible injustice, we should march on Washington to demand Congress do something about it.

We’ll call it “The Millionaire Man March.”