Billy Joel releases his first original song in 17 years

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I make fun of Billy Joel, but I do enjoy some of his music and I can respect him as a songwriter.

My brother was a drummer in a 90’s grunge/metal band of no great repute, and it kind of shocked me to find out he had gotten way into Billy Joel.


Oh, he’s eminently mockable in the same way as Rod Stewart and Tom Jones. But I will sing along off-key for all of the above. But they should all have Joel’s hair from that image because that is perfection.

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Maybe that was the case, but I was scoping Billy Joel tickets for his upcoming tour (more out of curiositity than anything) and tickets in the first few rows were in the $1000-$2500 range. This was through Ticketmaster directly, not a broker and not resale tickets (TM’s reale tickets are way higher).

For example, just taking a peek at TM to see what’s available right now:

(And yes, I know these are “Official Platinum” tickets that use a dynamic airline-style pricing model, but still… Artists can opt out of this pricing model.)

Dang. Looks like it’s “mostly true” per Snopes.
Does Billy Joel Give Away Front Row Seats for His Concerts, Rather Than Sell Them? |


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