Bioluminescent beaches

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β€œSome people say you got a psychedelic presence, shining in the dark with a bioluminescense.” --Jolie Holland

I asked my sister to check the night skies on her recent visit to the maldives
but her partner said there was to much artificial lights
let alone get flora carpet things

Get a flash mob to go down to watch the beaches. Make Larry Niven proud!

Once a year, around late May early June when the water temps are right. The bioluminescent jellyfish what live around here git to breeding. The result is millions or billions of tiny bioluminescent larval jelly fish floating in the water of the beach near my house. If you go down there at night during the few nights where its happening its absolutely bizarre and gorgeous. Where ever there is agitation the water glows. Waves, eddies, currents sloshing around rocks and boulders. And of course every move you make in the water makes glowing trails. Its amazing.

And its considered a prime opportunity to sneak girls down to the beach for awkwardly romantic night swimming.

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