Watch this mesmerizing video of fireflies

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Firefly mating season usually peaks around the Fourth of July here in the Hudson Valley. Our new home overlooks a 600 acre wetland and I’ve been peeking out every evening to see the population growing. I’m super excited to see what it’s like in a few weeks. In similar areas around here it is every bit as magical as this video. Can’t wait!


Fireflies have been very abundant this year so far and the trees around here are sparkling like xmas displays. Last year there were far fewer of the self lit match makers possibly because of the Cicada Brood X rising. The Cicadas are back underground so let let the horny insect light show commence!


Some ~25 years ago, back in ye ol’ young days, I took a date to a nearby lakeside spot to spread a blanket out and enjoy each other’s company. As we walked down we found ourselves surrounded by millions of fireflies as far as we could see. It was the most romantic thing that’s ever happened to me and I remember thinking: surely this is some sort of sign that this relationship is meant to be. Alas…that is not what it meant. But! I still get chills thinking about it. Big shout out to the fireflies!


one of the things i miss about living in a place that has humidity is the fireflies. ugly bugs, but wow, at night…



That’s an impressive sensor on the camera used for these shots.

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One time my dad took us to this areas surrounded by trees off of a dirt road and it had tens of thousands of fireflies all over lighting up the area.


I do miss “lightning bugs.”


All those floating sparklies… but a giant, dimension-hopping tardigrade never showed up.


Having grown up in the Midwest I just assumed these insects were everywhere, but as I got older and traveled I realized this was not the case.

Having been in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years I see the beetles that are lightning-less bugs, but I sure do miss their flashing throughout the night…

Due to the local area spraying for mosquitoes, we have no fireflies, despite them being native to the Low Country. I’d kind of forgotten about them, to be honest.

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