Time-lapse fireflies


Fireflies? Are you talking about lightning bugs? You damn Yankees.

Kidding aside, this really was lovely and wonderful to watch. I don’t remember the first time I saw fireflies, but I think this comes as close as anything could to bringing back that sense of wonder.

And it also brought back to me the evening I was taking a friend who’d spent most of his life in Britain back to my house. He stopped on the sidewalk and asked, with a trace of fear, “Why are there little lights all over your yard?” And he was delighted to learn that they were insects, and not something sinister, like will-o-the-wisps.

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Back in the (19)80s in PA, I used to catch and keep them in bug jars but they died overnight. :frowning:

People who live where there are no fireflies never really know what summer is.

Is there a place that has fireflies, but not high humidity or millions of other more irritating insects? Because I want to go to there.


It’s just about the only thing I miss about NY…

I did that too here in Tennessee, a decade earlier. It was wonderful having a jar of glowing bugs next to my bed, but sad to wake to find them all dead.

Then there was the time I filled a jar with them and opened the jar in the house.


Wisps are from faery land and don’t necessarily have your interests at heart.

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I always assume that folks are reffering to the 1880s, what a decade that was.


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What is summer then, if not constantly working in an office in the city like every other season with a complete lack of fireflies?

After breaking his leg:
Bart “Oh, I’m gonna miss the whole summer.”
Homer “Don’t worry, boy. When you get a job, like me, you’ll miss every summer.”


And then? Did you get in trouble?

Amazingly I did not. I don’t remember why, because my parents went to a lot of trouble catching all the loose lightning bugs in the house. They were very grateful when I showed them that if you click the lights on and off lightning bugs will light up, making them easier to find.


Wow. Lucky you. That is interesting to see doing the light switch on and off to see them easily.

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