Among a Thousand Fireflies: children's book shows the sweet, alien love stories unfolding in our own backyards

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Rick Lieder – painter, illustrator, photographer, husband of the brilliant novelist/playwright Kathe Koja – waits ever-so-patiently in his suburban Detroit back-yard with his camera, capturing candid, lively photos of bees, birds, bugs, and now, in a new book of photos with a beautiful accompanying poem by Helen Frost, fireflies.

The photos look awesome!

We have several kinds of fireflies and glow-worms in our yard (probably including photuris that mimic the flash sequences of other firefly species in order to attract, kill, and eat them) and I look forward to seeing them every year.

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One man’s sweet alien love stories are another man’s bugfuck porn.

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One of my favorite titles for a scientific article is by Edward Sylvester Morse, the great 19th century polymath who was an early solar researcher and inventor, whose book, Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings, is still in print, and was an archaeologist and expert on weaponry as well. The title of the article is “Fireflies flashing in unison”.

Morse is well worth an article in boingboing sometime.


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