Scan of a 1921 book about insects

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E. A. Seguy Insectes and Papillons

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While this is a touching comment about insects, Few insects enjoy more fame than the Glow-worm, the curious little animal who celebrates the joy of life by lighting a lantern at its tail-end. I find I appreciate Dr. Archie Carr’s comment about frogs a bit more, “I like the outlook of frogs, especially the way they get together in wet places on warm nights and sing about sex.” Perhaps the frogs were even singing an invitation to the glow worms to come and enjoy a bite to eat.
Dr. Carr had many great observations about the world of nature. His thoughts about the larger crocodilians are worth remembering on late nights along the tropical rivers.


Gorgeous technical artwork!

BTW: Since you mentioned his cats (and BBers, by and large, appear to be cat-people), here’s a link to his cat essay:

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Yeah…thanks a lot, all four of you. Now, I have four new bookmarks/rabbitholes to fall into, all from one BB post.

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