Adorable cockroach


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Not so adorable when hundreds of them congregate in your kitchen.


Yes. They’re adorable… and much too nice to be subjected to this cruel world. Therefore, I shall bug bomb them. No. Don’t thank me.


Harmless, peaceful creatures. We had one living behind the door of one of the huts we lived during fieldwork in Madagascar. Hissed mildly irritated whenever someone opened the door. I really like them. They are so serenely slow in comparison to any other cockroach I ever encountered.


Cute until they replace your tongue


Adorable? Its got feelers sticking out of its eyes!



I’ll concede that the physical aesthetic is better than that of the average cockroach, but I cannot bring myself to call most insects “cute;” let alone a species that has such long-standing negative connotations…


That’s okay. They’ll just wait for us short-lived anomalies to obliterate ourselves, then move back into Earth’s master bedroom.


I also do not dispute their superior design as a species, compared to ours.

That humanity is our own worst enemy and we can’t seem to stop sabotaging our own habitat out of sheer greed and ignorance does not somehow mean that cockroaches are any more appealing.


I wouldn’t say I find insects adorable. But I do find them beautiful the way I might find a mesmerizingly intricate machine or a mandala beautiful.


Some of them; absolutely.




Just not cockroaches.



See how they like it when they have to be the responsible ones and get up in the morning to go to work.


The trick with isopods is to immediately raise a thorny question about international harmonization of technical standards if you see one approaching. They just can’t resist that. Then make your getaway when it gets bogged down in minutiae.

Unfortunately, fish aren’t very good at this.




Heh. My girlfriend didn’t believe me about those critters. So I showed her the proof. I think she’s still squicked out, and this was some time before Christmas :smiley:


Or replace your typewriter.


Dragonflies are the world’s most effective predators, with a 95% success rate. Their larvae are terrifying too.


Still more aesthetically pleasing than roaches, IMO.