Do Robot Fireflies Dream of Electric Lights?

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I thought this was going to be about Artificial Intelligence!


Those photos are mind-bogglingly good! It’s hard enough to get a decent still in that kind of low light, or a decent shot of a bug in flight in good light, getting a flying bug that’s in flight, and emitting light itself, and in the light he’s working, with such a fantastic result with is incredible. (His macro/bird work’s stunning too - lots of great behavioral action shots.)

The LED lure is really clever, and the spike-mount for the camera’s really clever, that could be useful for bug macros/outdoor low shots in general.

This is so awesome, made my morning! Thanks BB!


In essence it’s a colored LED attached to a timing circuit to mimic the flash of a female firefly, camouflaged just enough to hopefully fool a few males.

I’ve had a few dates like that, over the years.


If Shaddack were still here, he’d be telling us both how to optimize the LED circuit, and how all dates are like this.


That is a very bad link you have in that Bees post linked here

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