LED lighting for your tent

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You could use paint or decals to make that look like a big eyeball dangling from the ceiling on its optic nerve.


You and I do camping very differently.


$4 each at menards. same bulb and guts. but magnetically click into a base, that has nail hanging holes and a hanging loop that folds out from the bottom of the bulb if you prefer that. or stick it anywhere you can with the magnet.

Word of advice for everyone who plans to go camping in areas with a lot of insects, especially gnats:

Don’t. Light. Your. Tent.

Additional advice: if you need light in your tent nevertheless, use red LED.


Yep! added these to our ToGo bags. They work well.

I have a flashlight with a florescent tube. By mistake, I left in a UV tube in it. Wow, does that ever attract insects!

LOL, lovely accident.

That’s what my colleagues use for their night trapping, btw. I had a fun discussion with an entomologist in Madagascar who said their night traps have fun biased based on the source of light they use, and that some bugs (I think he mentioned some Saturniidae) have quite specific frequency bands where they react strongest.

BTW, Xanthopan morganii predicta flying in your face because you didn’t set your headlamp to red light is fucking awesome, they told me. Sadly, I never had the pleasure. :smiley:

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