These Luci solar-powered inflatable lights are perfect for both outdoor hangs and emergencies

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A few years ago I went on a camping trip. By this I mean we parked in one spot, set up a tent and camped, not hiking. At the time I had a goal zero and an older generation light-a-life light to provide light for the tent. FYI that light was awesome, sadly the goal zero was not awesome, and decided to die (I had used it in a small number of trips before that and kept it charged as per its instructions).

I couldn’t get a replacement for the goal zero during the trip (I later replaced it with one of the inexpensive and hilariously named Jackery batteries, which has worked awesome so far).

What I did manage to find during the trip was a place selling inflatable solar lights. These exact ones in fact.

They are reasonably nice. Not nearly as bright as the light-a-life, but that isn’t solar & requires a battery with a specific (non-USB) power jack.

Just last week when rechecking my car’s emergency equipment I accidentally turned one of these on mid-day. They are bright enough in a car during the day to make a (modest) difference.

So unlike many BB endorsed products, I would say this one is nice. The prices here aren’t stunners, but don’t seem more expensive then a random camping/sports shop up in fort brag ca.


I got one of the originals for Christmas a few years ago. I usually keep it in a window so I can recharge it and find it when the power goes off.

Works quite well, I’ve never actually run out of charge using it fairly sparingly.

The Inflatable part, well it does stand pretty high when inflated, illuminating more of an area than most cheap LED flashlights…


I’m a big fan, have had a couple of them for years now. My only complaint is that they are expensive, but the electronics on them are quite good, and they are much more reliable than other solar led lights I’ve tried.

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