Long-lasting portable illumination: 4AA Pack-Away Lantern


Their quad lantern is a pretty darn cool idea too… it’s a large normal lantern that has four panels you can snap off for walking around. The panels have rechargeable batteries in them and the base station will charge them for you. Is super handy.

Only downside is that LED lighting is super painful to look at, it’s like a mini sun when the thing is on.

I have a couple generic versions of that lantern – they work really well during outages.

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Yes, but can they run on AA batteries? I think not!


I bought one of these a year or so ago, took it apart and sandblasted the top 1/3rd of the clear plastic part the light comes through. If you want ALL the light open it up all the way. But only exposing the top third or so makes it NOT blinding.

In my opinion it was a mandatory hack. Now it’s actually a decent, useable object. :slight_smile:

I am sure that someone around here could make them run on AA batteries. It just may not be safe.

And your point is? :slight_smile:

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I’ll look up the manufacturer tonight and try to post a picture, but I have this set of two lights that mounts under a cabinet. It’s used everyday as a task light in my kitchen. In a power outage, it automatically switches to battery mode - the batteries charge during normal use. The two lights can pop out of the holder for emergency use. One serves as both an ambient light and a flash light using the switch as a toggle between the modes. It lasts a long time, and having a light source that turns on automatically in an emergency is comforting - it just needs to be set to the normal task light mode to switch automatically. I used these during a week of power outage during Sandy and they lasted a long time and provided a lot of light. Best yet, because it is used daily it is handy in an emergency and not stuck in the closet under God knows what.

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Don’t look directly at the LED when it’s on.

I have a 2nd gen Princeton Tec Attitude and the thing is just all sorts of the bonkers end of amazing, the best light I have ever owned and it was originally just a forced buy for meeting a job’s hiring requirement.
Besides being 500ft waterproof depth scuba-rated, it’s OSHA explosion-proof for just about any enclosed environment you could end up in, whether by choice or by developing situation. Even though the 3LED’s only put out 15 Lumens, the spectrum it casts is astoundingly clear, and the flashlight can easily flood the whole swath of a large room, a really wide backyard, or a rugged forest trail and just see everything. And it’s high points for me is that, because of it being 15 Lumens, not only can batteries last for more than 4 years in it, I have easily gotten 6 continuous days straight off a set of 4 AAA batteries and it can even wring out even more juice from other flashlight’s supposedly dead AAA batteries!
Bar none thee best flashlight I’ve ever known, of my own or others’, when it comes to simplistic design & performance.

Ok, here’s what I have, the Energizer Light On Demand. I get the feeling the product is discontinued based on web searches. Too sad; it’s wonderful. I bought it through Woot! The light on the right acts as a flashlight or area light. The light shown out of the holder functions only as an area light. Screw the thing under the cabinet, plug in, use daily as a task light in kitchen. Run them off batteries in emergency - leave in holder or pop out and use around the house.

Product sheet:


I believe that means that if you fill the housing with a mixture of explosive gasses, and they ignite, the housing will not burst and become a fragmentation grenade. It is “proof” against explosions and a spark or explosion inside it will not necessarily cause flammable objects outside the housing to ignite.

Most people don’t know that’s what “explosion proof” means so I thought I’d elaborate.

No. You’re wrong, it is so simplistically designed to absolutely minimize and meet the OSHA requirements of sparks electrical or otherwise that could lead to an ignition: it is absolutely demonstrated and proven to not be a cause or contributing factor of explosions, it is explosion-proof.

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You’re agreeing with me and saying I’m wrong. :frowning:

People see the words “explosion proof” and they usually think it means that the object is proof against explosions - that if you put the object on top of a stick of dynamite and light it, the object will not be harmed by the dynamite explosion. This is what “water proof” and “acid proof” and “gasoline proof” all mean - that the object so rated cannot be harmed by the process or substance it is “proof” against - so it’s a reasonable mistake.

But “explosion proof” does not mean an object is proof against explosions in the way that a “gasoline proof” hose is proof against gasoline - rather it means that the object is unlikely to trigger any explosion. I use the word unlikely because you can drop a metallic explosion proof electrical housing on a concrete floor when explosive materials are present, strike a spark, and BOOM it happens. (I used to work with explosion proof fittings and equipment every day in a rocket motor factory, and this possibility was pointed out to us in our safety briefings).

I believe that the explosion proof fittings I have used (principally gasketed electrical junction boxes and conduit) are tested by being filled with an explosive gas mixture which is then ignited in a test environment. If any flame escapes the fitting fails the test. I don’t know if that’s the standard test, though - and I only have that part on hearsay, it’s what I was told more than 20 years ago when I was still working on rocket motor testing.

Anyway, lIke I said, most people find the phrase “explosion proof” misleading, so I am endeavoring to clarify it. I am not criticizing anything or anyone. Thanks for sharing your recommendation!

wtf… LOOK!: in this dimension that our fabric of reality clings to, it is practically impossible of the flashlight in question of ever exploding and/or causing an explosion, it is entirely explosion-proofed. It is thee explosion-proof-black-hole of logic, no reason escapes it!

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