Man spots massive pile of mayflies on Pennsylvania bridge

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There’s a source of clean running water nearby, for sure. That’s a lot of mayflies, and a lot of protein now missing from the stream!


can obscure visibility and kick up a stench

Cataloging that one.


The fish nearby are fat and happy I’m sure.




I was born 24 hours ago. Don’t waste your life like me


I live nearby. The stench was overpowering.


Man, we used to some times go to this are on a lake that had like a gravel bar and do fire works for the 4th, etc and it would be lousy with those things. I hated how they would land on your leg. Bleh.

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My god! What’s next? Junebugs?



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Well, we’re looking at the aftermath of a ménage à million

they seem to have done alright

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This video, taken by Tom Johnson-Medland, shows the huge mound of mayflies that hatched overnight and died on the Veterans Memorial Bridge

Luke Combs Veterans GIF by Academy of Country Music Awards

When I was a kid my family vacationed one summer in New Hampshire. On a road with no streetlights there was a small out of the way restaurant with one streetlight above it. We watched hundreds of insects swarming around it. I visited that same spot a few summers ago, and no more huge swarms of insects.

Humans impact the natural world in ways we don’t notice at first, and I suspect it’s causing a cascade of changes we are also oblivious to.


Meh, I live in Michigan on Lake St. Clair which is between Lake Erie and Lake Huron. That pile wouldn’t even make the news. On our private road now is the time to rob everyone because nobody turns a single light on at night for the next few weeks. Going to a gas station or 7-Eleven at night is a challenge. Last Saturday the wind was blowing just right and we couldn’t even go outside during the day without being covered head to tow. When I was a kid we would do donuts under street lights. Accidents happened because it was like sliding on snow some nights.

We have hatches that are so big they will show up on weather radar. I’ve been on the water in a boat at night during a hatch, fun stuff.

But it is a good sign, it means the lakes are healthy.


A shovel will fix that. Someone is not doing their due diligence.

My first thought too; protein

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