Biomechanical sculptures, like Geiger without the creep factor


…I think you mean Giger. Unless you’re checking for radiation…

Ich liebe die Giger “creep factor”. My colleague above is right. Yes, I almost fell into the trap of defending “Geiger” when I meant “Hans Rudi”.

“bio-mechanical beauty that is both physically sensual and intellectually fascinating”

I hate to be Wally the Word Worm, but things that are “sensual” are physical by their very nature. Also, something that is fascinating is always beheld with the intellect. Hence, “sensual and fascinating” would suffice (that was painless, wasn’t it?)

Anyway, I’ve always been fascinated by Giger and have never sensed anything remotely akin to a “creep factor” in his transcendent artwork - Pierre Matter’s work (on the other hand) seems quite creepy and on the level of some sort of pseudo-sexual animal fetishism…sort of like weird voodoo totems that unpaid extras would carry in Cecil B. DeMille movies

If you like Pierre Matter, you might also like Al Wadzinski’s work.

Giger minus the creep factor = doing it wrong.

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