Outgigering Giger with a "metalic skull"




Cool to be sure, but outgigering Giger? Not even close.
Still cool though.


Sorry, no.
The subject, composition and skill level in that artist does not begin to even consider, maybe taking a first tentative step towards possibly thinking about maybe, if it’s sunny out, approaching the level of talent that H.R.Giger has(d).


It’s arguably too metallic to fully capture the 'Giger vibe. I don’t see a single ■■■■■, glistening, abnormal-but-sexually-suggestive feature anywhere.

Now, inscribed on the breastplate of the leader singer of your local black, grindcore, satanic war-metal band, I’m totally seeing it.


Kind of apples and oranges.


Cory, I’m glad you like it.

I’m with the others, though. It could only be considered an out-Gigering of Giger if Giger’s goal was to make knife-edged biker-art. If that was his goal, he failed miserably, and has been out-Gigered by your out-Gigerer. If not, not.

However, there’s always THIS piece by the same artist:


Giger never did NUTHIN’ like that.


Brings to mind The Shrike from Hyperion.


Perhaps we could settle this objectively with some kind of Giger Counter.


Settle for a counter-Giger?



I will cut you.


This. Didn’t really like the books, but the Shrike freaked me the fuck out.


Giger was a trained architect, which is apparent in his usage of perspective and composition. His mastery the airbrush also allowed him to layer viscera-like skeins over machinery, creating a juxtaposition of the organic, with it’s growth, lusts and entropy, with the antithetical, the mechanical.
His was a very powerful prescience of the world that we are entering into now.

I don’t see any of that here.



Character fan art? Nope.


Where do you find the time?


Ha, took about 3 minutes…


Cut it out! You make it look so easy, all my friends and family will be expecting me to turn out stuff like that in under six days.

(I’m a truly crapulent visual artist. My stick figures couldn’t audition for xkcd with both hands, a ruler, a compass, a boxful of Blackwings, and a graduate degree. None of which I have, except the hands.)


ahh, the subtle distinction between “deep” and “merely busy.”


Best comment thread EVAR.