Bionic Bird: a cat-foolin', smartphone-controlled ornithopter

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Let’s be honest. It’s not a matter of fooling the cat. They just don’t give a shit if it really is a bird…as long as they can murder it they are fine with the situation. If fooling it were the issue, they wouldn’t attack a stick with a feather taped to it.


Indeed. Came to remark that two of my cats will attempt to murder a piece of cardboard on a memory wire.

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One of my favourite books as a kid was Bearded Butterflies and Birds of Tin, set in a dystopian future which featured a lot of synthetic nature substitutes. We’ve got robobirds now, where’s my talking bearded butterflies?

$150 for a cat toy might seem a bit much, but I contemplated getting an ipad simply for my cats to play squash the fish game.

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