Cat ponders birdies on HDTV display

A cat observing birds on an HDTV display. Photo by pixelwhip, shared in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool. READ THE REST

Awwww. My late cat used to enjoy watching nature programs with birds and other hoppy things in them, but this was before the HDTV days. I sure hope there’s HDTV in kitty heaven.

Except Naboo the cat just tears up the carpet, not flies on it.

this is my cat, Naboo… for the record, we named him after ‘the mighty boosh’ as he is our little magician.

He never really was that bothered about the tv until we upgraded to HD, then he started to notice small things occasionally (mainly mouse pointer moving across screen)… So i was curious & decided to check youtube to find some ‘videos for cats’… I found one of a squirrel which had him interested, but it wasn’t until this bird video that he went absolutely mental, throwing himself around the screen… Lasted about 10 mins until we were sore from laughing & had to turn off the TV in fear of him breaking it…

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