Cat enjoys watching Psycho


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I’m going to say that that Cat has an IMDB Pro acct.


I find the part where it watches the shower scene and licks its lips highly disturbing.


Would it’s eyes explode if they put on “The Birds”?


And that, my kittens, is why we cats take baths…


Staged? Maybe not! I once had a cat - appropriately named, “FUBAR,” - who sat plunked in front of the TV when I rented / played “Hoffa” back in VHS days. I’d stop it, he’d walk away. I’d start it again and he’d come running!

I think I know where Hoffa was from 1987 to 1997…


12, 11, 12 vacancies.


It’s also a strings-heavy soundtrack, and I’ve seen cats get very emotional about string music.



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