Bipartisan Congress blocks Jeff Sessions' plan to revive civil asset forfeiture


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There is an advantage to Trump and Sessions going full asshole on the American public. The legal loopholes allowing this to happen are being closed.



This is awesome news. The only downside is that the legal literature will no longer have such gems as ‘County sheriff’s office vs. 27 pallets of assorted dildos’. No, that’s not an actual case, but I’ve seen ones like it.


“…Republicans (and others) have found themselves more and more disgusted with Trump (though, shit, it’s only now that they’re figuring out that Trump is neither good for liberty, nor conservative values?)…”

“Only now” for GOP because of Trump’s falling poll numbers.


Huh? Did I just fall asleep and wake up in some alternate reality?

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Just having a hard time parsing the text.


So is this Trumps plan? To be so horrible that congress starts working together?


I would be more comfortable if they would simply make it illegal to do so. period


Its a good step, but I will believe we are in the alternate reality when this makes it through the senate, avoids being removed in conference, and if necessary, overrides Trumps veto, all without adding even more objectionable provisions, either to torpedo the whole bill or to bribe the most grotesque politicians to accept the bill in spite of these provisions. Until then, it is just grandstanding. I don’t have any problem with grandstanding for something worthwhile, but in the end it has to lead to getting something done.


who else do you know that has sued 27 pallets of assorted dildo’s? :wink:


Did you fall asleep about 18 months ago?


Nah, Trump doesn’t have a plan. He says and does things that seem like a good idea at the time, then changes his mind based on who he talked to last. But THAT may be the reason Congress starts working together.


That would require accusing Trump of being clever. Nothing in his history can support such a claim.


Just tack on some tax cuts. Isn’t that how it’s done?


Yeah, what else is in that legislation that this is an amendment to? Is this just a way to get votes for an otherwise very flawed bill?


Now, if only we could get state laws passed that all forms of fines and ticketing revenue go into a statewide fund (ideally for something unrelated to enforcement) instead of funding the local city/county departments that issue the fines.

They’ll probably just find some new way to exploit the underclass, but at least it will be a reprieve while they spend a few years coming up something.


Of course, this eliminates the delicious scenario where the entire assets of Trump Enterprises are seized after money laundering charges are filed.

And it would be totally appropriate.

Other than that . . . good. I hope Sessions stomps his little troll feet so hard he sinks into the earth.


Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard is the coolest, sanest, and most intelligent politician I’ve ever seen.


Sounds like America is starting to become great again…


As someone born and raised in Hawaii, I am distinctly unimpressed with Gabbard. She’s the first hindu in congress, but she’s in deep with the crazy-ass regressive BJP hindus from India (party of now PM Nahrendi Modi who was involved in slaughtering thousands of muslims) and is the most islamophobic democratic politician that I know of. She fought against gay marriage in the state legislature. and accused people investigating her father’s ties to the Hare Krishnas of being “homosexual extremist[s]” She wouldn’t denounce Bannon’s appointment. In 2015 she voted with republicans to block Syrian refugees from the US. In 2016 she went to Syria and secretly met with Assad. In 2017 she repeated Assad’s talking points that he wasn’t responsible for the gas attack.