Bizarre glitches in Mortal Kombat




I think this needs another 30 minute video explaining what is going on. Seeing characters turn into spinning fans is pretty funny though.


That was my favourite part!


Holy moly… 1995?


I really like the youtube series “Let’s Glitch Super Mario World”. They can be a bit tedious to watch at times since he rarely edits out mistakes, but if you’ve got a lot of time to kill, they’re fun and interesting.


Holy Moly, in a few days time it will have been 20 years ago!


Isn’t this what it normally looked like?


Bizarre glitches in Mortal Kombat 3. Or rather, for one, specific home port.

Not that the earlier games were bug-free (Ermac, anyone?), but Mortal Kombat is one arcade game, Mortal Kombat 3 is another (running on substantially different hardware), and this is a home console port.

Sorry for the pedantry, but this is like titling something “Bizarre glitches in Street Fighter II” when you’re really talking about bugs in Street Fighter Alpha for the Game Boy Color.


Did they try blowing on the cartridge?


As someone whose experience of Mortal Kombat is limited to occasionally watching someone else play it in an arcade, I seriously cannot tell how much of this is normal behavior. It is perfectly in character with what I know about Mortal Kombat to see someone turn invisible and beat the other player half to death, then turn into a fan and fly around. I’d believe that’s something the designers intended you to be able to do with the right super-obscure series of inputs.

I am not sure if this is the best thing about this video, or the worst.

I do know that I stopped watching midway through the second match.


I know nothing about this game, so can someone explain why there’s a woman buried waist-deep in the desert on one of those levels? Is that a glitch or a feature?


Pretty sure that’s Cyrax. He’s a cyborg and a ninja.


Is it not a gender reversal on Talhoffer’s solution to the perennial problem of how to conduct a trial by combat ( MORTAL KOMBAT!!!) between a man and a woman?


I can’t believe I watched that entire video and was fully entertained. I pray for the earth.


Me too. Oddly compellng. And up until fairly recently, I thought “Tekken 3” was the latest in a series of action-movies set in Newcastle, which shows how much I know about fighting games.


Newbridge perhaps?


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