Watch the live action shots used to animate the original Mortal Combat (1991)

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I remember seeing the original arcade cabinet in a comic shop and having my mind blown by the graphics. It is hard to overstate just how much this game freaked people the fuck out when it was released.


Explains why the characters always looked like they were walking on a treadmill.


I just realized Mortal Kombat only came out three years after Prince of Persia, that had much more primitive rotoscoping. It’s interesting how few games took that approach*, and how different the results were. I think Karateka was the first one, and it was really primitive. It made a lot of sense for sprite-based games, especially games where you could see the character from multiple directions. Doom did it with models, Diablo almost took that approach as well, but the character permutations made 3D modeling make more sense…

*Wikipedia has a list, but it’s not complete (Doom being missing, for one):

Most of the games happened in the early '90s, because the number of displayable colors increased so sprite complexity increased too, it was at that point images could be digitized, but before 3D modeling became an easier replacement.

For me it was Flashback on my friend’s Genesis. We fucking loved the cut scene animations and fluid character movement. It was a hard game. I remember we got stuck on one part which ended up being one of those “gotta time the jump exactly right” things. Banged our heads on the wall for a long time on that one.


Also let us not forget the EP from The Immortals (Praga Khan and John Oliver of Lords of Acid fame) which was released in 1993 to coincide with the console release.


Yeah, I loved the aesthetic of Flashback, but found it way too frustrating to actually play, so I never saw that much of it.


We found after the first couple levels, it seemed to get easier for us. I remember the jungle level having some hard parts, and like an area you needed an anti-grav belt I think?? No walkthroughs back in those days to look it up :confused:

I do remember we beat the game. I can’t remember if he owned it, or if we were just determined to beat it and kept renting it.


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