How Prince of Persia's famous jump animation was made



Alternate video link, anyone? Firefox 33 tells me no dice, can’t find a matching MIME type for the video content, and I have a metric buttload of codecs installed except… this one.

Works for me in 34

I hope he didn’t use the same technique to make the prince die on the spikes underneath.

I loved that game. Spend lots and lots of hours on it.


My big brother would have dug an actual pit with spikes.


Why do I always feel as if Boing Boing follows me around? I literally just watched this an hour ago, even though the video made the rounds several years ago. (For instance, on Boing Boing six years ago.)

Oh, I know. Because Boing Boing is always on Reddit, like I am (I should really just pick one, since the front page there always ends up here), where this awesome lego Prince was posted, and the reply to the second comment was this video.

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The problem is Quicktime. I stopped letting it update some time ago. Removing it and letting VLC take over solved it.

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Clearly you’ve never had a little brother


That GIF is from the PC VGA version. Mechner originally developed it on the Apple II, which would have looked something like this:

…Which demonstrates why the sleeveless white outfit was a well-considered choice: it lets the character’s arms show up clearly against the torso, while still only requiring two colors total from the Apple II’s limited palette.

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Wow. I still recall saving every last penny to purchase an EGA monitor and video card to replace my crapola CGA green screen. Ahh, 8088 processor and 20MB hard drive (!), even though I cursed you on occasion, I’ll love you till the day I die.

I think the hosting website is having load issues, but here’s a montage I found on the you tubes:


That website that had the Shadow of the Beast port also has one for Princey:

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Evreything tub pytos.

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